Tips for creating a more pleasant office environment

Tips for creating a more pleasant office environment Pleasant Office Environment: If you are like most full-time employees, you will spend a significant portion of your life in the office. While making your home an inviting retreat is a worthy goal, it's also smart to create a more pleasant office environment. Not only can a more attractive work environment make you feel better once you clock in, it can also improve your productivity, project a more professional image, and even improve your health. Use these tips to get inspired and get started.   Reimagine your workspace - Creating a more pleasant office environment starts long before you first hit the office furniture store. Take a fresh look at your workspace and imagine that it is completely empty. If you could create the ideal office environment in the space you have, what would it look like? Think about how you work and start sketching your ideas. For example, while your office is currently full of file cabinets, determine w
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