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Better Sustainable Environment - The Need of the Hour

Better Sustainable Environment - The Need of the Hour

Sustainable Environment: In a diverse nation like India with an abundance of contradictions and complexities, environmental sustainability is an important topic to be mentioned. With the ever-increasing population that accounts for over 16% of the world's population, there is a constant pressure on natural resources. Tremendous pressure on natural resources is leading to widespread decline that could lead to serious repercussions in the near future, leaving almost no resources for future generations.

A sustainable environment is one in which all water resources, including ocean, freshwater seas, and land and air reserves, are in perfect harmony with the economic models of progress.

Stress on resources

Overuse of rather careless use of resources in the recent past has led to problems such as desertification and soil depletion that have had serious consequences on the lives of many people. In certain areas this has even led to changing rainfall patterns and droughts. That is why we are witnessing a continuous pressure on arable and forest resources and the depletion of natural resources. The groundwater table is undergoing sea change and the level may drop significantly in the near future.

Suggestions for Overcoming Challenges

A sustainable environment would lead to a healthier and happier atmosphere all around. The flora and fauna are said to flourish leading to greater environmental sustainability. The development of water resources is one of the steps that can be taken in this regard. This could be done along with contouring digging and conservation of natural resources just to name a few. Efforts must be made to convert barren land into productive areas by using environmentally friendly techniques. More organic fertilizers should be promoted.

Animal and vegetative biodiversity must be preserved. This should be done by spreading awareness among villagers and farmers who work there. Crop management including crop rotation that ensures high land fertility should be promoted, as well as forest management.

Times are changing and therefore environmental sustainability must be in tune with the times. This necessarily implies the use of renewable energy sources rather than coal and other energy sources that are already under pressure. Contamination must be kept under control as much as possible. Education and awareness should be spread among people to keep an eye on the pollution radar.

Marine life must be protected at all costs from the dangers of overfishing and water pollution from industries and factories. Agricultural activities should not harm natural forest reserves. At the same time prudent use of fossil fuels is strongly recommended. The habitats of birds and animals must be protected at all costs from human interference. Only this could counteract the drastic speed of their extinction.

A sustainable environment aims to conserve natural resources for future generations while ensuring judicious use by current generations. In the commercialized world, it is also the duty of every citizen to contribute as much as possible, because every little thing counts. This is where the corporates must also step in and do everything they can to supplement the resources they also need.


Effects of online shopping on the environment

Today online shopping is the best way to shop. No doubt it will become more popular in the future. The online shopping method has many advantages. We get all kinds of products with less time energy and money if we can use online coupons. But what is the effect on the environment? Is it positive or negative? If it's negative how can we minimize the severity of the effect? Read the articles below to know the effects of online shopping on the environment.

Is it positive or negative?

You will be amazed that online shopping has a major impact on the environment! How? Because this new way of shopping contains more waste than offline shopping it is bad for the environment. All online stores use carriers to deliver their products to their customers. This is the main problem of the online shopping method. It increases the number of paper mixed paper plastic cardboard etc. These products have a negative impact on the environment. When we receive the delivery it usually comes with non-recyclable materials such as bubble wrap foam rubber expanded polystyrene etc. We all know that non-recyclable materials are very dangerous to the environment as they are never reused.

How to fix

We must put an end to this bad environmental practice that has helped us live a good life since birth. One of the best methods to stop this bad practice is to follow the European style that prevents rubbish from being dumped on the sidewalk.

Which one is responsible?

The packaging is mainly responsible for this problem. If the packaging can be improved , the problem is less. Manufacturers can play a good role in improving the packaging system. Two way packaging system could be a good solution to save our environment. The government may also launch MUST FOLLOW rules and regulations for online store owners. Customers can also play an important role in stopping this cruel practice. If customers refuse to receive or do not order products online , owners are obliged to follow the rules and regulations that benefit the environment.

The online shopping system has undoubtedly revolutionized our lifestyle. It made us very powerful. In fact, without online shopping, we cannot imagine our life today as we are extremely busy these days. But if it's not good for the environment, it will cause us major problems in the end.


Steps taken to conserve the Earth's environment

Environment is a collection of all plants , trees and other living things in a specific area of ​​land and / or water. Together they form an ecosystem. The Earth's environment is gradually becoming polluted by the actions of humans. Harmful substances from different products and as a result of different tasks cause a detrimental change in the environment of the earth. These harmful substances can be in the form of chemicals as well as in some type of energy. These substances are also referred to as pollutants. Pollution can also occur due to natural cause of actions , but the pollution caused by such reason is rare and in less amount than the deliberate damage to the environment due to the use of pollutants.

In order to prevent further damage to our environment, steps are being taken to reduce the pollution caused by the actions of humans. These steps that are taken are known as environmental protection acts. In essence, it is a practice to save the natural environment on various levels for the benefit of the plants, animals and people who live in this world. The development and the increasing population were the reasons that the environment was completely neglected at one point. In recent times, however, people and governments have begun to take note of protecting the Earth's environment. 

They began to take some precautions during the manufacture and use of a product or service. Its main goal is to tackle waste pollution , air pollution and other types of pollution that negatively impact the lives of plants , animals and humans themselves. Many of the species of animals and plants have become completely extinct as a result of this pollution. So another goal is to conserve and protect the remaining species that are still found on Earth. In order to protect the environment , the governments and various NGOs working for this purpose had to make people aware of the damage done to the environment and the possible consequences of such damage on their lives. It was also necessary to communicate the possible ways in which we can minimize , if not completely avoid , the creation of pollution.

For this purpose, the people received environmental education that refers to all the steps taken to teach the people of the world the mechanism and function by which the environment works. Schools, colleges and other institutions started offering courses on environmental protection to promote environmental education. Other communication channels such as media were also used to create awareness about this among the people. It is thanks to these efforts that today every child, teenager and adult has an idea about the environment and the possible ways in which the environment can be polluted.

Another step that governments and NGOs took to protect the environment was to persuade or pressure product manufacturers to make environmentally friendly products. These products , commonly known as eco-friendly nature-friendly and green products , do not contain any harmful substance that can seriously harm the environment. Although these products are expensive than the other products due to the higher cost , the people are nevertheless inclined to buy these products because of the awareness created among them by the steps taken.

Role of voluntary organizations for the environment and nature

When we talk about the latest volunteer programs, the environmental and wildlife volunteer programs will be in the list. One in five volunteers shows a great interest in working to improve nature and various nature conservation projects. This is why the number of volunteers is increasing for projects such as "Volunteer Programs for Costa Rica" etc.

It is true that prominent volunteer organizations play a vital role in influencing more and more individuals to serve nature. We will go through this article to learn more about the role of such organizations.

Conservation Management

In terms of Wildlife Conservation Management, the goals of modern organizations are to balance the true needs of wildlife with the needs of humans by making the best use of Advanced Science. In addition, they function in this direction by first influencing individuals to gain sufficient information and knowledge about ecotourism and effective conservation management programs.

Worldwide importance

These organizations also strive to assist students by providing better exposure to important issues of global importance. These programs help individuals broaden their knowledge about the environment and think about how well they can be improved. The volunteer programs for Costa Rica are also raising awareness. The program aims to contribute to turtle conservation and agricultural projects such as working on coffee cooperatives etc. In promoting turtle conservation , the Costa Rica program involves a lot of volunteer work , such as beach development , turtle egg harvesting , fishing , pollution , and much more. The fact is that through the conservation of these species , participants can help local communities to fully understand Costa Rica's biodiversity and culture.

Natural wonders

Each participant chooses Environment & Wildlife Projects with the idea of ​​enjoying the natural wonders of a particular region. Given this concern, the organizations are also working to encourage those participants to gain sufficient knowledge and also to enjoy the peaceful natural environment of a place.

In addition to enjoying the natural wonders , the experts also make it easy for the participants to follow advanced experiential learning techniques to support the conservation of rural villages , protected areas , biological corridor etc. They also learn how good it is to manage organic gardens composting. and landscaping in a particular region. Thus , from the above discussions , it can be said that the environmental and wildlife programs available from leading voluntary organizations play a vital role in emphasizing the interconnectedness of people and their environment.



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