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How to check search activity and delete all search history

How to check search activity and delete all  search history

Check search activity: Every year, Google releases updates to provide good assistance to its users. Google also helps you figure out a few things for security reasons.

Google wants to keep your log record secret from the hackers.

Because this is the world of the technology age and you may be followed elsewhere.

Just turning on the device's GPS location can track your current location. Likewise, your entire Google search history can also be tracked by using some hacking tricks.

Nothing is impossible.

Google is the hotspot that connects us all and makes your online activities appear at the top of the search results.

Whatever we search is stored for us and also on Google servers. Our online exposure may be tracked by advertising companies to collect our sensitive data.

Everything needs to be monitored closely as all activities on the internet can be hacked by cyber criminals. Hence, it becomes paramount for all of us to delete web browser history and Google search history.

To hide your data from attacks or hacks, you need to log into your Google accounts and delete all search history from Google Search itself.

So today I am going to discuss with you how to delete all Google search history.

For example, to limit your browsing activity, you need to stop recording your online activities.

How can you disable your online activity?

To ensure that your future online activity is not tracked, you must disable your online activity by adjusting Google settings.

First, log in to your Google account.

Then go to personal info and privacy

Then tap the activity options in the 'Manage your Google activity' section.

You must toggle the pause button to confirm the activity.

Of course, each section has to be paused to hide the data from the hackers.

If you had to delete the entire search history, all your saved passwords will be erased. You will need to log in again to all sites where you had saved passwords.

How do I delete all Google search history?

You may have used Google thousands of times a day. If you want to delete Google search history and Google browser history, please do as follows.

How to Delete Google Browser History?

Log in to all your Google accounts first as deleting the history will erase all your saved passwords.

Open the Chrome web browser on your system.

Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on History and Ctrl H after opening the browser.

Clear browsing data will appear on the left side of the screen.

Tapping on it will bring up a window asking you the time from which to delete the data.

You can also select the cookies, cache files, images and browsing history to delete.

Then click on the Clear data button. All your data searched on Google will be erased.

How to Delete Google Search History?

After deleting your data from the browser, your data can sometimes be left on the Google servers.

In such cases, you have to delete entire Google Search history by following simple steps.

Go to personal for and privacy

Click on My activity.

Tap "Delete activity by" in the top left corner of the screen.

Select the date you want to delete all Google history from.

You can even remove specific items from the list


This allows you to secure your online activities to a high degree. Because hackers and new hacking techniques are emerging day by day with improvements in technology. So one must carefully present and protect his personal data of the hackers.


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