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Important marketing environment

The marketing environment

Environment: No company exists and operates in a vacuum, but as part of the environment in which it is located. An efficient and effective marketing strategy is a function of the marketing manager's ability to understand the environment in which the business operates.

The marketing environment consists of a series of factors or forces that influence or influence the performance of a company in the chosen target market.

Jain (1981: 69) defined the marketing environment to include all those factors that can directly or indirectly affect the organization in an observable way. Marketing environment factors influence the organization through the way of input and the organizations also influence the environment through output. The relationship between the organization and the marketing environment is often referred to as "inseparable", the organization and its environment are constantly in a give and take state or homeostasis.

The marketing environment consists of those forces or elements that affect the ability of the company to operate effectively in its chosen target market.

The marketing environment is divided into two main components. The elements are,

Internal environment: the internal environment deals with the manageable variables. Manageable variables are divided into two groups; the strategy variables and unsaleable variables. External environment: the external environment deals with the uncontrollable variables. These variables are called uncontrollable because the marketing manager cannot directly control any of the elements. The marketing manager has the ability to adapt to the environment by immediately observing, analyzing and predicting these environmental factors. The external environment can be further divided into two components, the micro environment and the macro environment.

Micro Environment:

The elements covered by the microenvironment are forces or factors in the immediate environment of the business that affect the company's ability to perform effectively in the marketplace. These forces are suppliers, distributors, customers and competitors. Let's discuss each of the variables in detail.


Suppliers are business customers who provide goods and services to other business organizations for resale or for productions of other goods. The behavior of certain forces at the suppliers can positively or negatively influence the performance of the purchasing organization. Critical factors here are the number of suppliers and the number of suppliers to the industry. A supplier audit will enable us to appreciate their strength and bargaining power that suppliers have over the industry as a whole. The answers to the problems involved can affect the ability of companies in the industry to effectively deliver goods and / or services satisfying needs. Today, the trend is for buyers to try to convince the supplier to provide exactly what the companies want. This process is known as "reverse marketing".


Customers are those who purchase goods and / or services produced by the company. In a purchasing chain, different people play an important role before a purchasing decision is made. The different influences must be understood. The customer can be the consumer of the products where he / she is the user. The critical factor here is that consumer needs and wishes are not static. They change quickly. The changes in consumer preferences create opportunities and threats in the market. The changes called for devising a separate strategy to either fit into a window of opportunity or survive the threats in the marketplace. Good knowledge of consumer behavior will facilitate the design and production of goods and services that the customers need and want, not what they can produce.


A competitor is a company that operates with another company in the same industry or market. The consideration here is that firm A produces a substitute for firm B (industrial approach) or firm A and firm B try to meet the same customer needs (market approach.

The 9 environments of millionaires

At the beginning of the conversation, I heard Jim Bunch mention the main point that will stay with me for a long time.

"Surround yourself with the best of the best and you will produce the results of the best of the best."

If you like personal development, I believe there is nothing new in that statement. However, Jim went on to say that your "willpower" is only on when you turn it on, but environments will stick with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you could manage to be in millionaire environments every second of your life, wouldn't it make sense that you would one day remain a millionaire or become a millionaire?

That clicked and I wanted to know more about the environments Jim referred to. In this article, I will briefly outline the 9 Millionaire Environments as discussed by Jim Bunch.

1. Memetic environment

Beliefs, ideas, knowledge and concepts are examples of memetic environments. They are elusive and very important because it starts with the idea that you can get what you want in life. You might ask "how to change your beliefs". The answer is to change what you do and the result will change too. Once you see the results, you start to believe. Think like a millionaire.

2. Relationships Environment

Family, friends, co-workers and support staff are in the "relationship environment". This environment regulates your behavior, causing you to think, act and feel in a certain way. As hard as it can be, sometimes you have to let go of some relationships in your life because they don't bring your goals in life closer. Build a millionaire relationship with those who will always bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

3. Network environment

It's just a community that you are in. This community in itself has rules, values, and beliefs. You must be extremely selective when choosing your network. Remember that millionaires network with millionaires. To determine if you are in the right network, identify the topics of your conversations when you are in your community. Are you talking about creating wealth, being a better husband or wife or just the weather?

4. Financial environment

This is the environment that causes people the most stress. The problem with the financial environment is that growing up, nobody seemed to be talking about money. Soon you realize that you have to manage your own money, investments and insurance, and you don't know all of them for sure, especially when your wealth increases. This is the time when millionaires hire themselves and surround themselves with finance specialists and mentors. Millionaires have their own wealth team.

5. Physical environment

Physical environment revolves around everything around you, such as home, office and furniture. A confused mind creates chaos and that's what happens when your physical environment isn't taken care of.

6. Nature Environment

People need energy and you feel a powerful energy of nature when you are close to it. Go for a jog in a gym and along a beautiful sandy beach and you will know the difference that the natural environment brings you.

7. Body environment

Most people are ignorant of their body environment. You should treat your body like a temple, not a playground. That means you have to take care of your health, because wealth makes no sense without health. Health will suck the wealth out of your life.

8. Self-environment

Personality, personal gifts, talents and emotions are part of the self environment. You cannot see, smell, or touch your self-environment, but you may be able to identify them and make the most of your ultimate strengths. Use your self-environment to adapt to the outside world.

9. Spiritual environment

It is your connection to a higher source, love and self. If you are not in the habit of doing it, you will have to put yourself back into the spiritual environment. Change all of your environments and you start to change your thinking.

Another important point is that you should develop your own mastermind group so that you are always focused on your environment. Take the nine millionaire environments above seriously for the next 90 days. You will feel the difference in your life.


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