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What are the pros and cons of the internet in student life?

What are the pros and cons of the internet in student life?

Internet in student life: The internet and social media have become an indispensable part of life nowadays. One of the studies found that people today spend the most time on the Internet. There are many pros and cons of accessing the Internet world. It's not wrong to say that the benefits are huge, but they must be used properly. For students, the Internet is nothing short of a boon, but there are some students who don't use it properly, which affects their overall performance. Let's discuss the pros and cons of the web world in the life of students.

Positive Effects

Improve Communication: The Internet helps us to communicate with their friends and relatives who are far from them.

 Research: To do research, students have to go through hundreds of books and the references and that was one of the hardest jobs to do. But since the Internet came to life, everything is available with a few mouse clicks.

 News and updates: It is also important for the students to be aware of what is happening around the world. Nowadays, it is faster for the students to see news and updates through social media, instead of relying entirely on television.

Education: It is one of the best things students can do in the Internet world. There are a number of educational websites, online help centers, expert opinion, and other study-oriented materials on the Internet that can make the learning process significantly easier and a fun learning experience. In short, the web world is the new way of learning, not just for students, but for everyone.

Negative effects

Addiction: According to the study, the Internet is the third most addictive thing in the world. Nowadays many students are addicted to social media networking sites and it will reduce their time with their family, friends and also studies. Always remember that too much addiction is always dangerous.

Cyberbullying: It is a huge problem for every school around the world. Some students use the Internet to bully other students of the same age group. Whoever is bullied online is more likely to suffer from - anxiety, depression, and loneliness that can affect a student's studies.

Insomnia: It is the inability to fall asleep. Some students have insomnia and so they are sleepy in school. Some students are shortening their sleeping hours to play online games and access their social media accounts.

Impaired thinking ability: When teachers issue assignments to students, students tend to find and copy them from the web world. Students attempting to view social media sites during their studies can reduce academic performance. Some teachers believe that while schools have banned phones, many students secretly remove their phones from class / discussion and stay connected to social media.

Distraction: Having too much access to the Internet world can distract students from their studies. The more time you spend on your gadgets, the less time you spend on your studies.

If someone has access to the web world properly, people can reap numerous benefits from it. It is entirely up to the users to deal with all negative consequences.

In order to work online without problems, it is very important that users have a reliable broadband connection. From accumulating a world of knowledge to quickly completing tasks, the faster internet connection always keeps you ahead of the competition!


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