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People need to change the perception of the environment

People need to change the perception of the environment


Every year people celebrate World Environment Day. From local bodies to the highest decision-making bodies, our fellow citizens have campaigned with a big voice that we have limited resources and that we should not overuse them. Have these ongoing campaigns been razed to the ground? Can we see the observable change in people's thinking?  

These are the essential questions we need to look at if we are to save something for future generations. The fact is, things haven't changed much on the ground and the environment is falling apart everywhere. In this article, we would critically analyze the facts on the ground to see where we stand with regard to environmental conservation.  

World Environment Day

We have celebrated World Environment Day every year with great pomp and circumstance. We have worked hard to maintain order and use the resources with great care. Many celebrities, including popular actors, came up with their precious views on environmental conservation. People have spent lakhs in rupees looking after the environment.  

Response to World Environment Day

Some government departments, such as the Gurkha Division of the Indian Army, left the barracks to clean up the environment. In response to the Clean India campaign, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pet project, many people came out and started cleaning the area around them. When people saw the celebrities and officials in the street with a broom, they began to come out in droves.

But the enthusiasm subsided as media attention diminished. Authorities have held many competitions on behalf of children to help them understand the need to keep the environment clean and intact. As part of this initiative they created campaigns through All India Radio (AIR). These campaigns had slogans about the preservation of the environment and were aimed at the remote villages that have no television sets.

Reality Check

Despite the campaigns and sloganism, nothing has changed on the ground. The forest cover is slowly decreasing due to the felling of trees. The only thing is that deforestation has increased and people have become aware of the need for trees to cool the environment. It needs to increase on a massive scale to compensate for tree felling, which is quite rampant in many parts of the country. The authorities are turning a blind eye to these destructive trends.

As a result, soil erosion and landslides have occurred in many parts of the country. These environmental indicators show that things are not looking well. Unless people are tackling these things on war feet, the days are not so far away that the desertification of land is getting pretty fast. So we must roll up our sleeves and do everything we can to save the environment from the people who want to exploit it in the name of commercialization.

Like any other country in the world, India has taken on the task of cleaning the environment. As a pet project of Narendra Modi, the Clean India Campaign received a lot of attention and public support. When the media bounced back, people lost interest in this campaign. So this article critically analyzes the facts to see if anything has changed on the spot. See more such critical articles in the link


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