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What is your environment costing you?

What is your environment costing you?

One of the fastest ways to achieve your dreams is to change your environment. What are environments? There are many different types of environments. Physical environment would mean cleaning up your physical space. A cluttered space makes for messy thinking.

Spiritual environments are the environments you create to connect with your spiritual side. Some people do it in nature, surround themselves with beauty, and others do it through meditation and slowing down to listen to the whisper of their soul.

Environments are also the people we spend time with. We look at what we are working on in our lives and then surround ourselves with others who create the environment to achieve similar goals and intentions. We then let them support us and we support them to create harmony and success for both parties involved.

A few examples… If better health is one of your goals, it would make sense to surround yourself with people who value health. Or, if your focus is on growth and prosperity in your business, it would be smart to surround yourself with winners - people who move forward, inspire each other and make a difference.

But before making a decision to change your environment, you must take certain steps to attract that new environment.

The first step is internal investigation. Ask yourself: what do I need? What kinds of changes do I need to make in my life?

Let's assume again that one of your goals is to make more money from your business while making a difference. In that case, look for an environment that can support you in realizing that dream.

The second step is to develop those qualities within yourself that will effortlessly attract the environment you are looking for.

For example, to create an environment where you can ask for support, you must be willing to be vulnerable so that others can support you.

Ask yourself, if I place myself in that environment, am I ready to receive support? I have so often noticed a pattern in women who come to my coaching practice and experience being vulnerable in a safe environment. They are able to take in that energy and acceptance and start creating the same authentic and honest relationships in their other world.

The third step, once you have created the inner qualities that allow you to attract and be in that environment, is to be willing to take a risk.

Yes, making new decisions, meeting new people, becoming great in your life are risky! They all require you to step out of your comfort zone. But if your desire is strong enough, you will do whatever it takes to jump forward into your big life. If the pain of staying small becomes too much, you have no choice. The jump you make doesn't have to be big and scary. It can be small, such as investing in a mastermind group or establishing a relationship with a coach who can support you in creating environments for success. And you don't have to do it alone. With a support system you can easily create new environments.

Keep this in mind: you are an average of five people you associate with. Look at those people. Are they where you want to be? Or are you looking for a new environment outside your current circle?


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