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22 Useful Basic Tools and Commands in Revit That Every User Should Know

22 Useful Basic Tools and Commands in Revit That Every User Should Know

Basic Tools: This article will share with you the amazing 50 basic tools and commands that every user should know as they start learning Autodesk Revit.

1. Align - AL: Click on the first object, click on the second object and align them better.

2. Array - AR: Click on the object, AR to start the command. Type the total number you want, including the number you selected. Click anywhere, drag in the direction you want and type the desired value.

3. Place an item - CM: These are things like toilets, closets, furniture, etc. You can use the search function to avoid scrolling through everything in your project. For example, type TOILET in the search, copy, select the object, CO is the shortcut. Click on the copy object and move it where you want to place it.

4. Make Similar - CS: You can make similar things from the item you selected.

5. Cutting profile - CX: This is only one design, only one view; it does not change your model. After pressing CX, select the object you want to change.

6. Dimensions - DL: Work on the different dimensions with this command.

7. Detail Line - DL: Great for drafting and other stuff like more drafting.

8. Mirror - DM: Select your object and start your command. Also try to draw a line that can be done with MM. Just pick a line that is already there and use this command to create a mirror.

9. Filter Selection - FFF: This is a great way to select objects if your drawing is getting crowded. Select all, hit FF and use the dialog to select exactly what you want.

10. Gridlines - GR: They are automatically numbered sequentially, so make sure you start with the number you want.

11. Temporarily hide a category by using HC.

12. Temporarily hide any element by using HH.

13. Temporarily isolate an element by means of HR.

14. Halftone each element with HT.

15. Halftone any category with HY.

16. Open Default Shortcuts - KS: You can export yours, you can modify them, or you can also import custom shortcuts.

17. Load Family - LF

18. Open your material settings - M,

19. Match Type - MA: This is an easy way to change the type of object to one that is close by.

20. Move - MV: Select your object, point in the direction you want to go and enter a value. This is always better than using the arrow keys.

21. Paint - PT: This is a great way to change the appearance of an object, but it doesn't change its actual properties. So it will change the look of any wall, say in all views, except if it is modeled in a brick wall, it will remain a brick wall in the floor plan, section and in schematics.

22. Edit line work - QW: Go to the line work menu and check which style you want the line to have, then select the line. For walls you usually have to do twice, once for each side of the wall.

So these are some of the useful shortcuts or commands you can remember to speed up your workflow in Autodesk Revit.



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