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5 things to consider when customizing orangeries in Surrey

5 things to consider when customizing orangeries in Surrey

Customizing: Each orangery has a unique design, which is why companies that build custom orangeries have become quite popular. Have professionals visit your home to discuss your needs and they will create a beautiful orangery design to match your property. They take into account the wishes, preferences and budget of their customers. They will also let you know if you need to apply for a building permit and whether it must comply with building codes.

Adjusting an orangery in Surrey? Some essential points to consider when designing the goal:

Understand your requirements and defining the purpose of your orangery will be easier. Let the company building the structure know its purpose and they will determine the shape, size and proportion of the room accordingly. They provide a natural flow between the new extension and your existing home. Most of the orangeries have partly glass roofs and important wall elements.


While you can choose from a wide variety of materials when designing an orangery, make sure the finish matches the original home. Pay close attention to details such as the decorations, roof pitch, colors and windows. Builders will match the brickwork of the orangery with the original house. The aim is to seamlessly connect the new structure to your existing home.


It is not just about the material you use to build the orangery, you also have to choose the best door variant. You will be surprised to learn that doors are often considered the centerpiece or main attraction of an orangery. It creates a connection between the extension and the garden. The type of door to install depends on the type of orangery. For example, a French door suits period-style extensions, while a double door suits contemporary orangery.


If you want to take full advantage of the natural light and the view over the garden, consider a contemporary orangery with narrow sight lines for the glazing. If you plan to build a traditional style orangery, install French doors on more than one side of the room. Install folding doors for modern constructions, and they open the room to the garden. You can create a seamless transition between the garden and your home with a flush sill door design.


Choosing the right glazing for your orangery is indeed a daunting task without the right company by your side. You need to select the right glazing material and design to block out excess solar heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter. If you want the temperature in your Orangerie to remain pleasant all year round, choose the right glazing for the roofs.

Choose the right company

A majority of the companies designing and building orangery in Surrey are aware of all the factors to consider when creating a home extension. Their focus is always on maximizing your ROI. Custom orangery are designed specifically to complement the architecture of your property and can enhance its value and appeal. Their team will also assist you with the planning applications, so you can have complete peace of mind. 


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