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Best brunch spots in Toronto for food lovers

Best brunch spots in Toronto for food lovers

Food lovers: Toronto is a food trend city and the brunch culture is varied, culture-oriented, just like any other place. The streets of Toronto are lined with brunch and breakfast trails that offer much more than a standard toast and egg brunch. Whatever you're on the hunt for, whether you're looking for a place where you can treat your taste buds to new flavors or just looking for a simple breakfast, these streets have tons of brunch spots rolling up their sleeves for the visitors to discover. Some of the most popular brunch spots in Toronto are Mitzi's Cafe, the Drake, Easy Restaurant, Luna Cafe, Beast Cafe, cafe Neon, etc.

Best brunch spots in Toronto for food lovers

Here are some of the top essential brunch spots not to miss in Toronto

The Drake

Drake is a popular brunch spot in Toronto that serves popular breakfasts such as bacon, potato pancakes, waffles, desserts, and more. Sometimes this brunch spot serves up homemade food and a variety of other brunch options.

Mitzi's Cafe

Mitzi's Cafe is located in the Northern region of Queen, Sorauren. It's another popular Toronto spot for foodies as this brunch spot has it all. From omelets, spicy potatoes, French toast, burgers, buttermilk, meat, they can offer you everything. Their option changes every weekend to keep visitors entertained with their new menus.

Easy restaurant

Restaurant Easy is located in the western region of Queen County and this is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. With an intercontinental mix of brunch menus, it specializes in Mexican dishes and various food menus such as French toast, waffles, corn tortillas, spicy salsa, guacamole, Huevos Divorciados, anchocam, salads, chips, and much more.


The name Maha's is named after the chef Maha Barsoom. Maha's is a small brunch spot run by an Egyptian family. Located in the heart of the city, this brunch spot specializes in classic and home-style breakfasts. From a hearty egg scramble paired with basturma, grilled cheese, Ellish Baladi, pharaoh's shrimp to simple Egyptian meals, all of their food is brought to the table with the aim of sharing their food culture and heritage.

Pow Wow Cafe

Starting with the best and freshest native food right in the center of Kensington Market. This cafe is best known for using a variety of colorful ingredients and adding some of their own styles. Frybread paired with a poached egg is their signature food, and other specialties include smoked salmon, dill corn soup, tacos, etc.

Lady Marmalade

First opened in 2005 by Carla Cherry, Lady Marmalade is a small brunch spot tucked away in Victoria. Lady Marmalade is widely celebrated among locals and tourists for its delectable eggs and authentic Mexican cuisine. They serve their menu all day long and are also appreciated for the use of fresh ingredients. Whatever you are looking for from fruit salads, spicy potatoes, waffles, super sized sandwiches, buttermilk, scrambled eggs, bacon slices, they have it all.

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