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A quick guide to aquarium keeping

A quick guide to aquarium keeping

Aquarium keeping: Fishkeeping is one of the world's best-known hobbies, so much so that the hobby is now a multi-billion dollar business. Practice goes back a long time. The ancient Sumerians kept fish caught from the wild in ponds and vessels before cooking. Ancient Egyptian reliefs have also depicted fish kept in courtyard pools.

In Asia, the Japanese and Chinese had filled rice paddies with catfish for consumption, along with domesticated koi and goldfish for decorative purposes. The Romans also saw the value of fish keeping early on, creating pools and indoor ponds dedicated to keeping and breeding attractive ornamental fish.

 Not much has changed when humans started keeping fish thousands of years ago. People still love fish as a meal or for pleasure. Aquarium keeping is as popular as ever, with an increasing number of people diving into the hobby on a daily basis. For some, keeping fish is a great stress reliever. Others also show their imagination by aquascaping their aquariums.

Technological advances in fish keeping have also changed the way humans keep fish. Devices such as aquarium pumps and filters also have improved living conditions for fish, allowing for the use of larger tanks and aquariums. Aquarium pumps can even be installed in ponds, improving the oxygenation and chemical filter to get an otherwise natural atmosphere.

If you are interested in maintaining an aquarium, it is extremely important that you equip yourself with the necessary fish keeping knowledge before you even set foot at a fish or pet store. Keeping fish is a hobby that needs your undivided attention, and aquatic animals are not toys that can be thrown away once you get tired of them.

You are committed to the aquarium and you should also do everything you can to keep the environment and the fish comfortable and healthy. Below are some simple tips for those who want to dive into the world of aquarium and fish keeping.

Take your time

Keeping fish is a relaxed hobby that requires a lot of patience. If you are the type of person who lives in the airport, keeping fish may not be for you. Building a complex ecosystem that can support not only fish but the bacteria needed to sustain it takes a lot of time and can take weeks to fully appreciate the fruits of your labor.

A new aquarium will take more than a month or more to grow and the people will likely be kept low during that time. You will need to check the water regularly for chemical imbalances, and a single chemical out of proportion to the rest can make your own tank uninhabitable.

However, do things right and slowly, and your investment will pay off.

Introduce slowly

Bringing many fish into the tank too quickly and at the same time will result in a fish kill. New surroundings and busy states will surprise the fish until departure.

Cycling properly in the tank is the first step to building a healthy environment conducive to fish keeping. A colony of bacteria must grow in the aquarium filter before adding fish so that a waste disposal system is set up once the fish are introduced.

3. Don't give too much

Since many fish food manufacturers recommend adding food to the tank two to three times a day, this can be an exaggeration if you are just starting out.

New aquariums, especially if you monitor water quality or introduce fish, only need one feed per day. Even if all the fish have been introduced and you haven't had an aquarium problem for weeks, feeding should be done in small amounts.

4. Get the right aquarium

Keep in mind that while you may have started out on your own in keeping fish, you are also committed to providing the best possible conditions for the fish. This usually means choosing a regular rectangular tank. Shoot funny tanks such as spheres and hexagons. Your fish will be happier.

In the same way, when decorating an aquarium, try to be as true as possible to a normal aquatic environment. This usually means using gravel, sand and decor with muted, natural colors such as brown, green and gray.

5. Get the largest tank

Even if you only keep a few fish, try to buy the largest tank you can afford. Larger tanks can encourage much more stable ecosystems than smaller ones, and they also give you the added benefit that you can introduce fish. Don't forget to invest in great aquarium filters and pumps to choose your new aquarium tank too.

6. Choose easy types

You started keeping fish because you wanted to display exotic fish species. I really don't blame you, we've all been there. But if you are new to fish maintenance and care, I highly recommend starting with hardy, low-maintenance fish first. They are easy to care for, acclimatize better and live longer. Once you've proven that you can care for hard-to-kill fish, you can move on to more sensitive ones.


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