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Cleaning mistakes you shouldn't make anymore

Cleaning mistakes you shouldn't make anymore

Cleaning mistakesis all try to run away from. Many would decide to pay for the services provided, which is sometimes recommended for a perfect result. However, if you decide to pick up your household cleaning, there are some steps that many have taken incorrectly.

When cleaning, some rules ensure that the result is at its best, and some points seem ordinary, but are crucial to the outcome of your effort. There are a few cleaning steps that many people tend to follow or forget to follow that are detrimental to the hygiene and effectiveness of cleaning. Cleaning is intended to tidy up the environment and also to remove germs. However, these actions, which I am going to point out now, lack their ability to prevent the growth and spread of germs.

Cleaning errors

The dishwasher: There are three mistakes we make with the dishwasher. Overload first; We understand that the dishwasher is there for washing, but if you overload the dishwasher, you don't feel like it. A stacked dishwasher will not be effective, leaving your dishes and utensils dirty and stained. The second mistake is washing every little appliance. Most smaller cutting or cutting materials should be hand washed. Often times we put them in the dishwasher, which may not be able to remove the small crumbs from the holes of the equipment. Finally, we forget to wash the dishwasher; Make sure to wash the dishwashing vents and filters as often as monthly. In this way to stop the growth of germs and odor, which will eventually emerge.

The cutting board: Under no circumstances should the cutting board be washed with detergent. Although the dish soap can remove grease, it is preferably used for kitchen utensils and not cutting boards.

Spray polish: When cleaning furniture or other upholstery, do not spray the polish on the furniture. It can get wet and eventually get mold and smell. Instead, spray on cotton fabric and wipe the surfaces.

Rag: Try to change the cloth intermittently while cleaning. For the best cleaning result, you should have several wipers for different cleaning situations. Buy a cloth for buffing, dusting, and wiping. Otherwise, you could spread germs from place to place while cleaning.

Feather Duster: As cute and fluffy as a feather duster may seem, it's a bad idea to use it to clean the house. All a feather duster does is spread germs from place to place. If you do need to use it, make sure you have more than one for every cleaning situation, or be prepared to dust the feather duster regularly before using it in any other location. The best option for cleaning and dusting is to use a piece of cloth.

Equipment: We use cleaning equipment to make our chores faster and more effective. But often we forget to take care of those tools. You should clean your vacuum cleaners, coffee pot and others as regularly as weekly or maximum monthly. In this way they don't breed germs. Thoroughly wash and dry all removable parts of equipment before assembling.

Toilet Brush: This miracle tool has kept our toilets looking good and clean every time. But usually we return them to their holders as soon as we are done with them. This step is bad because a wet brush will slowly spawn germs. After use, it is advisable to let it air dry over the toilet bowl.

Trash Can: Throwing out the trash has long been a domestic chore that can cause a lot of hassle. When we eventually take out the trash, we neglect the bin that contains the trash bag. As often as you throw the bag away, or at least every two weeks, clean your bin. Use surface cleaning products to wipe in and out the container before using it again.

Windows: Take time to dust the windows and the surrounding area before cleaning a window. This is an excellent prep step to make sure you don't leave a muddy residue after washing your windows. As much as cleaning your windows may seem like an afternoon summer job, cleaning your windows on a sunny day is a bad choice, the window cleaner is usually quick drying and when the sun is high you could end up with a dried one - window up before you can wipe it clean. This will quickly produce a streak.


Cleaning is a task that requires attention and commitment. If you want the best results, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort. These mistakes are often made and can be a reason why illness some are still lurking around your house. As long as you are cleaning yourself, make sure to make the corrections for a healthier result.


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