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Different ways to remove stains from tiles

Different ways to remove stains from tiles

Stains are, of course, part of our daily life. In order to make our home more attractive and beautiful, we consider more or less different types of flooring in our home and tiles are one of the most common of all. But if it is not cleaned properly, you will find it damaged more quickly than you expected. The floor can withstand a range of soil, dirt and spills for every day.

Over the years, both the tile floors and the walls get rust spots, making them look rough. At that point, simple cleaning is not enough to solve the problems. Hiring Gold Coast tile cleaning experts is the right decision to professionally clean these tile floors.

As all members have experience in this field, they provide you with quality services with rich industry experience, domain knowledge and advanced technology. Not only that, but at the same time they take care of your tile or grout and help restore almost a new state

The equipment they used for cleaning purposes is advanced and specially designed to provide a complete tile cleaning procedure, including sealing the floors. However, if you want to do this task on your own, this article is ideal for you. Keep reading this from start to finish and know how to easily remove stains from tiles.

When you hire professionals, they use hydrochloric acid for a long time to remove the toughest stains from the tile floor. Since it works best for the tile floors, you should use it too. But before using it, be sure to wear rubber gloves so that it doesn't bother you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the room must be well ventilated.

First of all, you need to use a ratio of 1: 5 hydrochloric acid to water and dilute the solution. Now you need to apply it on the stained area. You can use a toothbrush or a spray bottle for this. Leave it on for more than an hour. When the time is up, make sure you have cleared up all the solution completely.

Apart from the solution, you can use it for cleaning the joints. To do this, take shaving cream and a cup of lime juice. Mix it really well and then pour it into a spray bottle. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes, then scrub the entire area well with a toothbrush. Hopefully it will remove the stubborn stains from the tile floors.

Did your kids spit the gum in the middle of the floor and are you looking for ways to remove it from the tiles? Well, not to worry about it. First, try to remove the excess gum with a knife. Be careful when scratching the gums to remove. Then use a plastic bag full of ice. Apply it directly to the affected gums. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes.

This will freeze the remaining gum and make it easier to remove. Now use a scraper to carefully remove the gum from the tile floor. There are several harsh chemicals on the market that can easily remove the stains. Most importantly, these chemicals are not safe for all people, especially the children.

It is always recommended that if you have no knowledge of tile cleaning, let Gold Coast tile cleaning experts do the job. Using several unique techniques, they will remove all tile and grout clean-up issues at market leading prices.


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