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7 types of fences that can provide security and bring out the aesthetics

7 types of fences that can provide security and bring out the aesthetics

Security: Fences in Australia have been here for quite some time. The first form of fencing in Port Lincoln originated around 1700 and several other types have emerged since then. From homes to commercial places, to safety and security to aesthetics - there is a wide choice to choose from.

The popularity of some, such as wrought iron, aluminum, picket has surpassed age-old wooden fencing while standing the test of time. Fences prove to be a worthwhile investment and can last more than 20 years. So if you're in the market looking for the best fence type near you, here's a guideline for you!

Aluminum version

A true successor to wrought iron and steel gates, aluminum is lightweight and versatile. It can also be customized in different sizes and shapes based on your preference. In addition, it requires little maintenance and is also easy to install. Speaking of price, it is more expensive than an "organic" variety, but less than steel.

Bamboo type

 Eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, bamboo fences in Port Lincoln are a "greener" option for Australia's warmer climatic regions. Wooden frames are used to stack the bamboo poles - creating a unique and effective design. Moreover, this fence also leaves the least ecological footprint. Plus, it's a fun way to add more privacy, style and security to your home.

Eco-Stone type

This is one of the popular favorites: sturdy, absolutely attractive, and eco-friendly too. This type of fence resembles a pre-cast stone wall with all the textures in perfect color. If you have considered this for your property, ask your nearest Port Lincoln fencing company to install it for you. Possibly the only downside (not quite, downside) is the expensive price tag. The best thing about this type of fencing, however, is that it is made largely from recycled materials and requires moderate maintenance. It is ideal for security and enhanced privacy.

Type of farm fence

 This ponderosa-style fence in Port Lincoln is in order and is mainly used by farmers to stock their livestock and keep the wild prairie from attacking them. Aesthetically, farm fences are also great and enhance your landscape design. In addition, they can also be used for demarcation purposes.

White picket PVC

Like traditional wooden posts, this type of fencing uses PVC to keep costs under control. The cheapest of the lot, this type of fence is massively gaining popularity due to -
        Low installation costs
        Negligible maintenance required
        Tough for all weather types
        Less expensive than most other fences, and
        Widely available

You may want to consider using this fencing in Port Lincoln if you are on a tight budget. Best part? You can get DIY tricks up and running here!

Type of vinyl picket

This is also an affordable variety. Like PVC, vinyl fences are also pocket-friendly, clean and tough. While it is a bit more expensive to install, once finished it can last 20-30 years with very little maintenance. Plus, it's easy to clean and a regular paint job is all it takes to keep it weather-resistant for days! An elegant type of fencing from all angles, it is now growing as a replacement for wooden fences. Plus, it acts as a great option for the privacy and security of the residents.

Wrought iron

 An all-time favorite, wrought iron railing in Port Lincoln is still one of the public's favorites. This is due to its evergreen appearance, unique decor pieces and a see-through solidity that makes it attractive and also provides demarcation.

 These are the popular fence types you should have known about! With this information at your disposal, you can now make an informed decision.


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