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5 Ways to Maintain a Great Smelling Office Space

5 Ways to Maintain a Great Smelling Office Space

Office Space: What am I smelling? Have you ever experienced such an embarrassing situation where the client has walked into your office and been surprised by the foul smell of your office building?

If you want your customers to be happy, your employees to be productive, and your colleagues to be cheerful, then a good smelling office is essential. Good smells come from clean offices. Make your office a place where people like to spend their time.

Since most offices today are air-conditioned, the entire environment becomes stuffy as soon as something starts to give off bad smells. You will find that your employees get sick and tired within hours of their work schedule.

Because an unclean work environment can make people mentally unstable. You certainly do not want your employees to be sick all the time, because that makes no sense.

Here's a list of some creative ways to make your office smell nice.

Keep the bins tidy

Do not keep the filled bins inside the office building. The leftovers from the last night will carry germs and an unbearable odor. So if you don't want your customers to know what snacks you ate last night, have them clean up early in the morning. Better if you can ask your cleaner to take out the trash in the evening. You don't smell anything bad when you enter the office in the morning.

Create a separate break room

Why do you want everyone to know what you brought for lunch? Not a good option. If your employees eat at their workplace, there is a good chance that the smell of the food will linger in the air for a long time. Making a separate rest or lunch room is therefore highly necessary and a viable option. Let your employees enjoy while they nibble on the work floor. This also ensures that the workplaces remain neat and clean.

Use room fresheners

Confined spaces tend to smell bad for many reasons. You may keep the place clean, but you still smell. What could be the reason? Rather than focusing on finding the reason, it is better that you take some precautions. Keep a room freshener handy. It will help freshen the air inside and give you a refreshing breathing sensation.

Preserve natural aromas

You may not know, but there are several natural ingredients such as cloves, peppermint, jasmine, coffee and lemon that can ward off the bad smells in enclosed spaces. The floral scent of these ingredients activates the mind, reduces negative feelings and provides an emotional uplift for the employees. It gives a feel-good liveliness to the office and your employees are motivated to come to the office every day.

Clean bathrooms regularly

They are usually the main source of bad smells. As the air conditioners keep working, the smell gets trapped and lingers for a long time. You must educate your employees on how to maintain the utmost cleanliness in the washrooms. Install air fresheners in your bathroom to make sure the odor is cut off.


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