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How to Integrate Your Prestashop Store with Etsy Marketplace

How to Integrate Your Prestashop Store with Etsy Marketplace

Integrate: The Prestashop Etsy integration add-on saves the sellers time by reducing the time involved within the manual listing method. The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace integration extension provides them with a feature for handling inventory and ordering Etsy look orders from the Prestashop backup workplace.

It could be a marketplace that works as an associate mediator between customers and artists, craftsmen of handcrafted things, or collectors of vintage products. This marketplace offers the sellers a unique platform to promote their product, so that they can increase awareness of their products and services through this platform.

it is also vital for the market to provide the simplest services to the customers. customers prefer to have choices and alternatives to settle down with. Hence, the marketplaces compete to win over the sellers and provide nice services to them to bond with their stores. It has 25 million guests every month, which gives merchants a great opportunity to succeed in a larger audience network.

Key Benefits of the Prestashop Etsy Integration Module:

Easy Setup and Quick Start: The Etsy Prestashop Integration Module is built in quickly. The simple interface of the Prestashop Etsy integration extension allows for an easy method to market the product.

Bulk upload of the products: By implementing this add-on, the admin will transfer the product in bulk.

Store Class Mapping with Etsy Class: Sellers easily map merchandise attributes and class with Etsy category with this add-on's profile-based listing.

Send Sample Sync: Create shipping templates from the Prestashop Etsy integration extension back end and sync these templates with Etsy using the cron jobs.

Order Sync: Manage and track orders through the admin interface of this API integration add-on.

Update Order Status: Admin will update the order status of the orders from this marketplace using the cron jobs provided by the Prestashop Etsy integration module.

Inventory Management: The admin manages inventory for the Etsy shop product from the Prestashop Back workplace. The current status of the product is synchronized using the cron jobs provided by this extension. Once changes are made to the product inventory or attributes in the Prestashop store, they will be synced to Etsy with the click of a button using the Etsy Prestashop sync module.

Language Translations: Prestashop Etsy add-on offers multi-language support. The admin chooses the second language and easily syncs it with the Etsy marketplace shop via the cron job provided by Etsy Prestashop addon.

New options offered by Prestashop Etsy Addon:

UX-Linked Changes: To increase user expertise, the Send Preview interface has been revised and all choices for creating shipping previews have been incorporated into an identical page similar to the Etsy Marketplace interface.

Code optimization: Currently, the administrator will sync the product from the product listing page. There are three choices for syncing goods.

Local Sync: Native Sync capability allows the administrator to sync the PrestaShop store product with this integration module. Any products assigned to a profile can be listed in the merchandise lists and the admin will post the individual product on the Etsy Marketplace.

Synchronize product: Synchronize Product capability can synchronize the product with the Marketplace. All enabled products can be synchronized with this Marketplace. To avoid the synchronization error, the administrator chooses the number of products to be synchronized at one time under the general settings. Cron Discover is there to automate the method of listing the product.

Synchronize product status: The administrator gets the list status of the synchronized product by using the synchronized product status.

Products Listings:

If you want to mark the product as Inactive, only delete those products from this page (instead of the Etsy account). If you set the merchandise as Inactive on the Etsy account, you can relist the item on Etsy on a subsequent CRON run.

The admin reads the Etsy store product in the Product Listings tab. Click on the ad ID and it will open the Etsy shop listing.
The administrator reads the PrestaShop store listing by clicking on the trade name.

The administrator reads the page with the goods list in the back office by clicking on the ID.

Instead of listing the variations one by one on the product listing page, all variations are listed under the trade name.

The administrator synchronizes the individual product with the marketplace instead of listing the entire profile.

The admin will disable / enable things before syncing and only enabled things will be listed in the Etsy store.

Attribute Mapping: All PrestaShop store attributes can be mechanically synchronized with the Etsy Marketplace Integration module and the admin must simply map those attributes to the Marketplace.

Etsy class Attributes: The Etsy class Attributes are currently offered in the Marketplace Integration module. The administrator sets the first color, secondary color, holiday, accent vogue.

Product or Class Mapping: The cover version of this Integration Module offers the choice to sync the chosen product or the entire class to the Etsy Marketplace. Under the Profile Management tab of the Etsy Marketplace module, the admin will choose the Product / Category choice to sync the shop product.

Custom Pricing: This module allows the admin to list the product on the Etsy marketplace at a clear value. The manager will change the value of the product shown in the market by a fixed amount or a proportional amount. Depending on the need, the administrator will increase or decrease the value of the product from the back end of the Prestashop integration add-on.

Sales Report: The Sales Report tab of this integration plugin allows salespeople to view the order and sales report.

Product Sales Report: The admin even reads the sales report for a specific product from the back end of the Prestashop Etsy integration plugin.

Shopping Area: The Prestashop add-on provides the option to add a shopping area at the front of the Etsy marketplace to the e-sellers. The look section allows the administrator to reason the product in an extraordinarily specific class. The created look section will appear with your Etsy look.

Product Description Template: The e-sellers will use completely different placeholders for his or her product description to make it much more impactful.


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