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Most innovative furniture trends to add to your interior in 2020

Most innovative furniture trends to add to your interior in 2020

Innovative furniture trends: Today, more than half a billion people work from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, mostly workplaces offer work from home. While everyone is at home 24/7, they spend more time with family and look at the things that were previously ignored. Currently, all homeowners want to renovate their den or even bedroom and settle for a dedicated workplace.

People who stay at home agree that a home's interior is an important part of its appearance. A homeowner would like to enhance the place with the latest furniture, showpieces and other furnishing elements that elevate and enhance the decor.

It's no secret that the right piece of furniture can transform a room into a unique custom creation. With Sheesham wood furniture, the room can give an elegant and artistic feeling at the same time. Experts say originality speaks, natural and organic materials are preferred today. It supports the idea of ​​environmental awareness. Here we highlight the most sought-after furniture trends 2020.

Warm and decorative colors are making a huge comeback with shades of red, oranges and mandarin. Color combinations play a crucial role and evoke emotions.

The ultimate French design that we look forward to today in the trend in the round shapes in furniture upholstery, the use of reed wood in wooden furniture, as well as different shapes in mirrors and accessories.

Furniture cannot be replaced every day. When purchasing the furniture, one should pay attention to durability and reduce waste, resulting in environmentally friendly products.

Saraf furniture offers a variety of Sheesham wood furniture with a lifetime warranty against termite resistance and made from solid wood that gives ultimate satisfaction to the buyers.

 Bright wallpaper can be combined with furniture from original fabrics, wood, canvas, etc. Are very popular in the market this year. Unusual design and the reappearance of nostalgic furniture colors blend well with the background.

 The texture of the furniture has never lost its popularity in the market since its inception. The couch, side tables, couches and even the desk in the study speak a lot about the people who live in the house.
    With an increase in metal grids, glassware, brass sabot details on tables and the rough-hewn woodwork on today's items, the texture is the new pattern when it comes to making a visual statement.

Even the small details on the Sheesham wood furniture make it attractive and sophisticated. The evergreen angled arms of sofas, armchairs, sofas and furniture with metal legs are starting a new trend. Multipurpose stands are also the most demanding furniture required.

Mirrors play a crucial role in giving your room a stylish look. It acts as both a resource and a work of art. It adds a healthy look to your interior.

With everything intact, the room's lighting fulfills the purpose of the glow in your home. Adding chandeliers, neon lights and a matte shade enhances the whole interior.

With these furniture choices, soothing lights and elegant furnishings, you can call a home your home! Saraf Furniture has an elite range of beautiful wooden furniture, from chairs to wardrobes. Plus, it's a proudly made in India brand that offers quality products, classic details and a reasonable price range.

An exclusive solid sheesham wood furniture store with an extensive range of beds, sofas, dining sets, coffee tables, TV units, garden furniture, bar units and more. Saraf's vision is to inspire its communities by leveraging its three core values ​​- "Principal", "Passion" and "Perfection" - and to promote new value for its core networks - Industry, Partners and Employees. Through these efforts, we hope to contribute to a better world and a richer experience for everyone.


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