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Finding the perfect balance in how Neom makes its collections

Finding the perfect balance in how Neom makes its collections

Perfect balance: You open your browser. You log into Neom's official website looking for that cheap bathroom tile and just browse one of the best tile stores online. You have access to all its collections and all brochures for any type of tile you need. For a given perspective, this is what Neom's tile collection currently looks like:

    Neo plates
    Neo Mini plates
    Neo Expanse
    Neo Solids
    Neo Super Slim
    Neo ceramic
    Neo shelves
    Neo squares
    Neo coating
    Neo Parking

Well, if you check out any of these collections, any one, you get further different sized tiles, decor versions of many tiles, colored tiles, stylized tiles, minimalist tiles, simplistic tiles, patterned tiles, and that's really not even scratch the surface. So there are two questions. The first, why so many tiles ?! The answer to that is the most obvious, and easiest to explain, it is to give consumers as many choices as possible in every way so that they can get the tile that best suits their needs.

The second, and the not so obvious and simple one to answer, is that a brand comes up with so many ways to categorize their tiles, even if it's all for the convenience of the user browsing the website.

Answering this particular question is not that easy. But there is a pretty simple premise, the categories themselves, if you take another look at each of the categories they are all different types of tiles, that is, they serve different purposes in whatever room they are installed. So let's take a look at them one by one:

1. Neo-Slabs: Perhaps the brand's largest category, Neo-Slabs are tiles used in both walls and floors. These are primarily designed to be sturdy, while at the same time being extremely aesthetic and many also have an alternative to the exact tile itself.

2. Neo mini slabs: As the name suggests, they are smaller tile sizes of the Neo slabs, each tile being up to 800x1600mm, compared to 1600x3200mm for the Neo slabs.

3. Neo Expanse: These are tiles specially made for floor use, especially in premium commercial spaces. However, they can be used just as well to make a home look much more pleasant and beautiful.

4. Neo Solids: These are tiles with a single solid color. No gradients, no decorative patterns. These are for those with a taste for simplistic, minimalist and elegant.

5. Neo Super Slim: These are perhaps the most special tiles from Neom. At just 5mm thick, these easily fit into spaces, creating the illusion that no tiles are in place, and is in fact just a form of artwork on the floor and walls.

6. Neo Ceramics: Another major category in the Neom tile collection, this one has a wonderful mix of decoration tiles and tiles with a more simplistic, minimalist design. However, most of the collection leans toward decor tiles with unique patterns and colors.

7. Neo Planks: Wooden tiles meant to bring humanity closer to nature with their look, design and the softer touch underfoot.

8. Neo Squares: Perfect square tiles for spaces requiring such aesthetics where a pattern is clearly visible, yet simple and unique.

9. Neo Cladding: These are rougher, more tactile exterior tiles intended to be placed on the exterior walls, especially those around the entrance, all to create a strong first impression for every guest.

10. Neo Parking: These tiles, as the name suggests, are used in parking lots, usually of the commercial king, such as roundabouts at the entrance of hotels, etc. These are intended to give an impression of the moment when someone gets out of their vehicle and gets ready. to step through the door.

Now, with all that in mind, there is no question to what extent Neom is going to ensure that every type of customer has every type of choice they could ever want from their tiles. And what better way to respond to those choices by giving your pace the neo-modern aesthetic?


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