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Popular Fonts Every Designer Should Know

Popular Fonts Every Designer Should Know

Fonts Designer: Graphic design is a field where our young people make a career with great enthusiasm. After taking a design-related course, they start working at various companies. They learn a lot of new things while working, but budding designers make some mistakes and as a result their designs don't work. The mistakes they make are choosing the wrong colors, images or font. So it is necessary to have a good knowledge of fonts to use colors and so many things. In this article, you can read about all the popular fonts every designer should know:

 Popular fonts to use include:


In 2020 this font will be very popular. It's a font type. The reason to use this font is that this font has 90 styles. Using all of these styles, you can create a varied typography look. You may express your message with typography with all styles of NewsSans. Efficient designs can be created by using x-height in a rise or fall device. Using this font will reduce your text space. They are nine weights from hairline to black.

    Din Next

I'm sure you've used the Din font in your many projects, it's actually limited in weights and widths. Din Next is a very versatile font that belongs to the San Serif family. It can't go out of style. It has seven weights, from light to black.


This font comes from Frankfurt. This is also referred to as the geometric sans serif font. There are many movie posters where this font has been used, including Gravity, Gone girl, and a novel called Watchmen.


This font is used by professional and non-profit business people. It is a very unique font with a unique appearance. The spacing between the characters is a bit tight.


This font was released in 1989 and people have been using it from the beginning. This font is mainly used in the design of websites, magazines and for other purposes related to education.

    Bikham script pro

It was introduced with art in mind. So this is a very unique font and is used for printable images for different occasions. It's a mix of creativity and readability.


This font was introduced in the year 2000 by professional designers. It is a mix of a clean, modern and professional look. It remains the favorite font for the past 13 years.


It is a monotype product and its release date is 1934. It is mainly used as a small size display. Actually, this font is made by geometric shapes. If you want to add some charm to your design, you should definitely use this font.

    Open sans

It is a popular sans serif font. The X height is very large and therefore it looks unique from others. Actually, this font looks really cool when you use flat designs.


This font is actually used in posters. Many old posters with this font looked very attractive. You can use this font in all your types of designs.

Now I hope you have all knowledge of all the popular fonts used by professional designers.


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