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Tips for making great PowerPoint presentations

Tips for making great PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations: Still an amateur at PowerPoint? Don't worry, as once you attend the online PowerPoint classes, you will gain confidence. The information you will be taught in these lessons gives you the freedom to experiment with the software and learn new skills every day. PowerPoint presentations play a key role in every meeting, conference and event and more often people will also ask you to send them a copy of your presentation so they don't miss any of the details. PowerPoint cannot be ignored.

If you're wondering how to make your presentations impactful, learn all about it in your PowerPoint training, but to give you a head start, here are some basic tips.

Don't let PowerPoint's default settings control your slides

PowerPoint has many tools, but not all of them are required to be implemented in every scenario and you need to keep that in mind. For example, there are numerous themes already in the software, but before using a theme, ask yourself, "Does this theme really fit my topic?" PowerPoint also has standard fonts such as Cambria and Calibri. But you should try to use something that won't be disappointing, something that fits your job.

Tip: Never use the action sounds in PowerPoint for your official presentations.

Tailor the diameters

If you want to do your work in an easier way, you can of course choose the standard slide sizes. But if you want to give the viewer a better experience and really get your audience's attention, the first step is to make sure there are no absurdly sized displays. For that, you need to resize your slides through the Page Setup option.

Tip: Make sure to change the size of the slides before adding anything to the slides.

Think carefully when selecting the font

Typography is the most neglected part of any presentation. People often underestimate the impact that the right font can have on people. When you use the right font, it not only exudes professionalism, it also screams your brand personality. Professional doesn't have to be boring. This misconception often leads people to choose fonts that are too distracting and completely different from the original message that should have been expressed.

Limit the number of animations you use

If you use animations that are too long in your presentations, your audience can get bored as the text jumps to the correct position. But the omission of animations not only shows a lack of effort on your part, but also makes the presentation boring. So practice moderation and use animations such as simple swipes.

Tip: Animations are fun, but use them wisely

Make correct use of charts

Did you know that you can also use graphics and videos in PowerPoint? If not, the online Microsoft PowerPoint course is what you need. This course will teach you all the intricacies and make you a master of PowerPoint presentation.

Tip: Including charts in your slides prevents clustering of data in one place and shows the whole matter in an easy to understand way.

So, these were some of the simplest tips for creating a PowerPoint presentation that will impress. But if you enroll in the online course, you will learn much more than this.


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