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5 factors that will help you choose the right cloud service provider

5 factors that will help you choose the right cloud service provider

Cloud service: Cloud computing has taken the world by storm since its beginnings in the 21st century. This is because the utility of remote servers that store confidential customer information has helped many businesses thrive seamlessly. How does this work? Let us explain. When you partner with a renowned UAE company that has the best cloud services such as enhanced scalability, flexibility and relevant security measures, the growth rate of your business can snowball in no time.

The sheer reliability that cloud computing offers is reason enough to take the plunge. To help you understand this better, five factors are listed below that will help you choose the right cloud service provider:

1. Uptime

One of the greatest gifts of cloud computing to any organization operating in the Middle East is the increased uptime available for use. This basically means that your employees can work from remote locations for extended periods of time without interruption.

This feature also enriches the productivity and quality of your staff's work within a few weeks. A good cloud service provider will ensure that there is no downtime that causes outages or delays.

2. Security

Another factor that can help you choose only the best cloud service provider is the level of security it provides for your data. A company that focuses on protecting information by keeping malware away at all times is the right person to work with. This is because it ensures that your databases are not faced with external threats, thus growing your organization without hassle. Additionally, cloud service providers offering multi-layered security controls, password-protected database usage, and other security measures should be shortlisted for further analysis.

3. Disaster recovery

There are times when your employees are working on some databases dealing with sudden technical failures and erasing useful information. In such scenarios, their hard work would be wasted if the data cannot be recovered.

However, a cloud service provider that offers a solid data recovery plan would ensure that every bit of information can be recovered with ease. With the help of this service, your business workflow will not suffer at any point.

4. Service management

One factor that needs to be considered when negotiating with different cloud service providers is service management. It is important to understand that having a range of services does not make sense if your employees are not trained for them. Hence, training programs organized by the cloud service provider would be very helpful. In addition, the management of the tool and lifecycle of each service must also be done by the cloud service provider so that your work can continue without interruptions.

5. Fees

An important factor in choosing a cloud service provider is the costs associated with it. The commercial terms of a reputable cloud service provider shouldn't be overwhelming for your organization. This is essential for the proper functioning of your company; otherwise it would be very difficult to pay your employees and pay other expenses. Therefore, it would be wise to partner with a provider with the best cloud services is only feasible if it does not exceed your budget.

With these factors, choosing the right cloud service provider for your company's data storage wouldn't be a challenging task.


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