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Trendy Nightlife - what's the point and how to avoid cheating

Discount sites - what's the point and how to avoid cheating

Trendy Nightlife: You can get a big discount today for dining in a restaurant, trendy nightlife, cleaning an apartment or a beauty salon without leaving your home. To do this, it is enough to become a customer of one of the discount sites and buy a discount coupon.

Where do such big discounts come from?

Essentially this is an advertising campaign. In the face of fierce competition, companies are fighting for customers in every way possible. By partnering with the discounted sites, the business owners hope to gain new customers. Therefore, you do not have to worry that "discount" customers will be served worse. On the contrary, if you are satisfied with the service, you will recommend the company to your friends and make use of the services in the future.

As a result, everyone gets the upper hand: you get the service at a big discount, and the company - a good ad and new customers.

In addition, the flow of 'discount' customers in some cases allows companies to minimize losses on goods and services in seasonal demand. In the "low season" it is cheaper for the shops and companies to work with a discount than to do nothing at all.

What are coupons?

Numerous discount sites post many attractive offers every day. If any of them are of interest to you, hit the buy button and a coupon will be reserved for you. They usually pay for a coupon via payment terminals or via the Internet with a bank card.

There are two types of coupons: with a fixed price of a specific service - for example, hairstyles and paints for $ 300, or with a fixed discount on the entire range of places - for example, 65% off free shipping from Floryday.

You pay the full cost of the service and a coupon will be sent to your email. You pay them for the service provided, after which the voucher loses its power.

You only pay the cost of the coupon, for example $ 100. After presenting such a coupon, you will receive the discount stated on the coupon when paying for the service. After that, the coupon also loses its power.

After you pay for the coupon, you will receive an email with the service, cost, location and a unique code confirming the coupon's authenticity. Then print it or download it to your smartphone and present it at the time of payment for the service.

Keep in mind that you only get the service that is on the coupon when you purchase it. If you want to take advantage of additional services of the establishment that offers discounts - for example, not only to dye your hair and make a haircut, but also to create an evening hairstyle - the difference must be paid separately.


One of the most common problems occurs when a company sells more coupons than it can offer. As a rule, all shares have a limited term - on average 3-6 months. If you don't have time to redeem the coupon during this time, it will fail. To avoid this, before purchasing a coupon, you should call the company to ask if they can provide you with a service at a convenient time for you. And to make it even better - immediately reserve this time for yourself.

The second unpleasant moment is the imposition of additional services for a fee. For example, you paid for a manicure. But in the description of the promotion, the salon owners have not indicated that the service does not include the removal of the old nail polish, which you have to pay for separately and without any discount.

Well, and the most unpleasant - insufficient quality of service. Of course, major discount sites only try to operate with decent settings, but all sites' user agreements state that they bear no responsibility whatsoever for the quality of the services provided by coupons. Hence, it will be very difficult to return the money if something goes wrong.

How to Get Free Coupons

Currently, sites that distribute coupons, such as Promocodius USA, can boast a variety of offerings ranging from hangouts, restaurants, shops, and ending with car washes, taxi rides, theaters and movie theaters.

Each offer on the site has its own colorful page, which describes in detail the service, information about the organization, the provision of a discount coupon and the rules for receiving it. All important points and pluses are underlined and marked. To receive coupons, you must register on the site and provide your email address. It is also worth noting that after registering and confirming your e-mail address, you will receive all possible offers and receive information about discounts.


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