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Clean up your environment and change your circumstances

 Thrive in Troubled Times - Clean up your environment and change your circumstances

Clean up your environment
: Our environments and circumstances greatly affect us without us realizing it. When times are tough, we can certainly find some environments and conditions that may not support good results. That does not mean that these environments and circumstances automatically determine who we are and what results we achieve.

I remember first reading the following passage from Steven R. Covey's bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

"While we have recognized the tremendous power of conditioning in our lives, saying that we are defined by it, that we have no control over that influence, it creates a very different map."

I was dealing with the severe genetic, psychological and environmental conditions of two generations of alcoholism in my family and the significant impact it had on my early adult life. Dr. Covey presented the idea of ​​stepping out of conditioning by acting in the stimulus-response gap to alter our ability to respond to our circumstances. This book, concept and passage have set me on a different course that continues to serve me well in these less personal and more universal difficult times.

So, knowing that we can consciously choose to overcome our environments and circumstances at any time, all is never lost. However, we must use the space between stimulus and response to also improve the environments and conditions in which we operate, so that the subtle and constant influence of each works for us rather than against us.*/

Jack Canfield talks about how incomplete and irritants can eat up valuable units of attention that could otherwise be used to focus on success (or thrive in difficult times). One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take away the power of the imperfections and irritants in your life. This is an immediate way to take action at a time when so many people seem confused and paralyzed about what to do. Go through your home and office and notice all the things that need to be repaired, replaced, or dumped to get rid of the negative energy of those irritants.

Finally, Noah St. John speaks of our environmental systems as one of the most important support systems in our lives. There are two inner environments in our emotional and spiritual environment and two outer environments in our home and work environment. Clutter and disorder are generally the enemies of all these environments. Some people may argue that they thrive in chaos and overstimulation in a way that supports creative pursuits. However, general clutter and disorganization do not support general success.

Find ways clutter and disorganization keep you from thriving in all of your environments. Take small actions every day and bigger actions every week or month to keep the mess and disorganization at bay!

Save the environment

Environment plays a vital role in our LIFE. It defines the way of life because we are the creators and destroyers of our environment. So we are responsible for our environment and it is everyone's responsibility as well as a duty to save and improve our environment, which will make our environment feel fresh and green to us and our future generations as well. And we must educate our future generations about the uses and fruits of our environment. And they will teach the same to their future generations too.

The environment is therefore precious to anyone who is aware of its effects and defects. And prevent pollution to create an environmental pollution and plant trees that will help to reduce pollutants. Now there are many environmental problems and impacts that caused very serious problems in the or our environment.

So we have to play a part in solving those problems that harm us and our environment and all we know we can change our environment ourselves is because everything is in our hands, as I said at the beginning that we are the creators are and destroyers of our environment. If our environment is right, we will be healthy, prosperous and happy. And we have to care and feel really responsible for it. There are many problems that affect the environment, but we have to contribute in part to solve it. So feel it and save your ENVIRONMENT.

Good news for the environment

The issue of environmental protection has been one of the most debated issues of the past four decades. After the industrial revolution, several studies have elaborated on the harmful effects of mass industrialization. There was widespread outrage over environmental conservation against the powerful industrial lobby. With the aim of spreading the message for preserving the nature-created environment for future generations without any harm, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 on April 22, 1970.

As the environmentalists received significant public support and media space the industrial lobby succumbed or convinced to pursue an environmentally friendly policy for running the industries. The governments of various countries began to elaborate rules to protect the environment from harmful elements. All countries were urged to formulate regulations, since the Earth's environment is a property of all nations in it. The rules and regulations of some countries cannot save the environment.

The most crucial risk facing our planet's environment is greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions are the excess emissions of carbon dioxide from factories and other equipment. The scientific community agrees that large developed countries are bigger culprits in this number than smaller, underdeveloped countries. Scientists found that an overdose of carbon dioxide can pierce the ozone layer that protects Earth's atmosphere from overheating by filtering the sunlight for ultraviolet radiation. Scientists predicted that with the creation of holes in the ozone layer, the temperature on Earth will rise to an unbearable level at some point in the future.

Now the good news for the environment is that greenhouse gas emissions have decreased somewhat. Recent scientific studies have discovered that global warming levels may not reach the severe levels previously predicted. Still, the temperature on Earth will rise. But the researchers claim it will be of a manageable size. Researchers at Duke University have found in their recent studies that the average temperature change will be only about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and not 16 degrees Fahrenheit, as predicted by some of the earlier studies.

In the new study, researchers used extensive historical data and complex computer analysis techniques to come to this conclusion. But they warn that even a change of 5 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to negatively affect our environment. So they said regulatory action by the governments and awareness campaigns by activist groups should continue in the same vein.


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