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Take 10 minutes to organize your work environment

Take 10 minutes to organize your work environment

Organize Your Work Environment: The first thing most people do when they are near their computer is to turn it on and go to work or browse the Internet. Sometimes we can become irritated and frustrated, not because of the workload, but because of our work environment. If you do most of your work at home or in the office, spending some time, even after reading this post, cleaning your work area will help you with greater clarity before you start working.

It's hard for me to write when I have a messy work environment. My eyes don't look at the monitor all the time so when I look around the room I can easily get distracted by random things like notes, books, old newspapers, photos, etc. Some people perform better in a cluttered work environment because they feel that the built-up mess they've developed over the months gives them a cozy "writers" environment. But if you're someone who has a hard time concentrating, it may be time to take action to clean up your home.

Even if you're lazy, here are some tips for organizing your work environment.

1. Look around the room before turning on the computer. Is your house a mess? Are there papers scattered everywhere? Do not switch on the computer yet. Go to the nearest item and put it back in place. If you work in your room, this could be as simple as putting an old book back on the bookshelf, putting away some old laundry, or putting all the scattered papers in one folder in your desk drawer. Whatever it is, start doing something simple - just one thing and it will motivate you to do another item, then two more items, and before you know it you'll have a fresh new work environment with a lot more more free space.

2. Turn on the computer and get to work.

My ideal work environment would be the simple necessities such as a computer, desk and comfortable chair in a lighted, cool room and I am ready to go. Unfortunately, there is a lot of furniture in my room that I don't own, so I can't move it around the house based on my own will. So I do my best to create as much space as possible out of the small space that I have to write.

And while 10 minutes may not seem like much, it makes a difference when you do your best to tidy up your house. If you just run through it, you will likely spend less than 10 minutes on this activity. But if you really take the time to tidy up the details, you'll find yourself spending more than 10 minutes, like an hour. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about the time. 10 minutes was only an estimated amount of time to clean your home. Just worry about the task at hand. Organizing your work environment shouldn't be that difficult if you only do one thing at a time.

Finally, do your best to organize your work environment. Do it about once a week. Even within a week, things pile up around us without us even noticing, and you will be surprised to find that when you can create more space for yourself, it feels like you are freeing up more space within yourself. Things that usually distract you will be out of the way and will no longer waste time as if you were distracted by them. But more importantly, a clean, spacious work environment helps you gain focus and clarity. Now you just have to worry about organizing that desktop.

Environment and human behavior

The world's current view of environmental issues allows for greater scope and detail about what happens to the environment in which they are all living things. Disasters, tragedies, looting and exploitation of natural resources have become increasingly explicit in the light of human society, creating environmental imbalances that lead to fatigue and nature. The goal of sustainability is that people are seen as part of nature and can develop their actions in balance with the environment in which they live.*/

Considering the evolutionary history of human thought, it is noted that human thinking has been evolving throughout history, where it hangs from the old Cartesian paradigm and the new paradigm, that of sustainability. Knowing the evolutionary process of human thinking can be cited as the cause of the diagnosed problem: environmental problems do not disturb enough people to act, there is no motivation or personal initiative to initiate environmental action, consciousness does not necessarily lead to change of attitudes, not people's accountability over the environmental issue.

The solutions to the problem of the programs and projects that are already working on the perception, awareness and awareness of the environment, emphasizing emotions in people who have been sensitized to promote the changes necessary to achieve sustainability .

Given the parameters influencing the analysis and results of this work, it remains within the objectives, but to propose new ideas for influence in overcoming the processing of environmental consciousness in active motion. Building new cultural values, social, political and economic, and then contributing to the formation of a new global consciousness for the benefit of life and all diversity in nature.

The actions committed today for the environment do not match those of conscious people. We have stopped the concrete action to minimize the consequences that this causes. Timid political movements and the majority is election work (search by votes), try to convince people that we are working with nature as a small portion of the city's waste is separated for recycling, and when past changes of government projects about be overlooked or neglected, start another program as environment you should be the first to be concerned about the environmental problem. 

The search for the reasons that cause the conscious action of the generator to initiate attitudes and processes to reduce environmental problems is significant, given the inconsistency of people aware of the existence and lack of permanent environment actions.

Working for a healthy environment, the effective action of a company that is organized and committed to know, understand and exercise their responsibilities. Referring to the Medical Education, (KIKUCHI, 1991 p. 166) cautions: you cannot compare the action self-healing therapy with conventional medical therapy. The goal of self-healing therapy is to enable the healing of patients who must be an act that is essentially self-educational and not medical. 

The expropriation of health, the clinging to the doctors, the exclusive right to treatment for patients and difficult to write, using the law, essentially follows ignorance and financial interests. This is one of the main drivers of disease in a troubled modern world. The disease is like a fire and the doctor is like the firefighter.

Although the full mobilization of the full capacity of the doctor (firefighter) and the use of all equipment, there are still many serious illnesses (major fires) developing in parallel with the rapid development of science and mechanical technology today. There is no point in looking only at technological advancements and the practical with their firefighting equipment and instruments, when we strengthen ourselves and warn of the fire. We must protect ourselves from the outbreak of illnesses of individual children and from major fires (epidemics and wars). 

The disease appears to be an opportunity for growth, as a barrier that helps us to realize that the imbalance is crucial to maintaining relative equilibrium. So what if searching isn't clear what the fire is like because if you don't know, just study it and it's the most effective method for this. What you want is the self that looks at the environment. Nature's expropriation is what's bad, compared to the previous reference Kikuchi health. Treating evil is not enough, we have to prevent it and that is necessary to investigate what was lost and to bring back the habit to keep the balance and also get the natural balance of ecosystems.

If you look at the same parameters of the search for balance, you can cite other examples of the confusion in other segments, such as: violent authorities want to stop the violence, doctors want to stop cancer causing more cancer, educators want to promote education through a fragmented vision and escravizante of reality. Clearly, something is not right.

There is a need to replace the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm, consolidated by the positivist doctrine, which still rules our lives. The world view should change, as the greatest crisis to hit humanity is the crisis of perception, as a warning, Capra (1996).

Education plays a strategic role in the process of environmental management, educating children and young people, integrating environmental and human values, emphasizing the sense of daily practice with the theory initiated in the classroom, leading to a culture of sustainability, a culture of harmonious coexistence between people and between them and nature. The pursuit of sustainable development seems utopian, but the utopian ideas are to build something you dream of, and dreaming is to generate hope.

It is the desire to abstract a concrete reality, to stop walking on solid ground in order to enter. Developing sustainability means not only focusing on production, is thinking small and solving to descend to the proposed logical natural process, or finding the answers in nature to solve the problems. Issues made by man, when we forget that the natural, the organic, and that depends on it. We have to go back to the roots to rethink the way of human life. See what has been lost to fit into the missing piece to return to participate in Earth's life cycle.

Sustainable development chooses the creative initiative of individuals as a basic resource and the well-being of the material and spiritual as a fundamental objective. In communities that work well, even when there is poverty, there are also ingenious strategies for survival. (BARROS, 2002, p. 4) According to LerĂ­pio (2001, p. 2), environment and development should no longer be confrontational in order to become a partnership relationship. The main point of the issue becomes the need for a peaceful coexistence between the quality of the environment and economic development.

What actions are aimed at protecting the environment is necessary to overcome the mystery of consciousness and their ability to make actions conscious, committed and responsible for spreading solutions to problems and significant environmental improvements. You cannot just plant trees in the gardens every year during the week of the environment and worship at that time as if it represents a great effect on people and the environment. 

We have to grow conscious attitudes in people, it is important that environmental awareness is not an action to reduce the impact on the environment. The constant underdevelopment in the continuity of the environment is playing the food scraps in the same copper in which recyclable materials or as forests are devastated areas every day equal to a large stadium, in which different endangered species of both flora and fauna and authorities eliminated are not pressured to provide this protection.

Understanding the basics of generating actions is very important to raise awareness so that their attitude matches their way of thinking. Finding the factor for the actions has been much more of a resource than just raising awareness. If the awareness were big enough, there would be concerns about the environmental problem, as evidenced by the company to be established there, in various segments of multipliers of environmental awareness. 

Perhaps the majority did not see the seriousness with which environmentalists have seen, hence the need for shock treatment, or the reality that touches emotionally and is done with nature and the like. Given the importance of these aspects, this paper attempts to provide answers or solutions to the slowness of rest where people consciously and unconsciously park, to allow the factor or factors to induce a state of movement for activities beneficial to the environment , an inertia of movement of environmentally conscious heads.

If every person with environmental awareness still has no reason to act in the environmental field, is urged in the right place to develop an attitude that the same person does to repair or prevent environmental damage, work is more than one contribution to environmental education, but yes, the trigger that drives every person, besides their desire to make their way of life today, towards a healthier attitude of a particular, emotional, psychological, actor in major changes necessary for conservation and preservation of an integrated world of man and nature as it always was, only one thing.

In order to search for the guideline, you must have research that points to a single direction of desvencilhando of the nuances that may be involved in your actual goal, therefore it is necessary to infer the problem question:


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